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It can seemingly happen in an instant: a threatened dog feels cornered and uses its sharp claws and teeth to fight its way out of a threatening situation. Often, fighting out of that threatening situation means clamping their vice-like jaws on anything that may be in their way-whether you mean harm or not.

Dog attacks can happen in any number of ways, by dogs you may or may not be familiar with. Not all dog bite accidents are by strange, rabid dogs on the loose. Many times, dog bites occur in the homes of friends and family-even by a dog that has no history of an aggressive nature. It is a terrifying prospect that a dog can simply attack an innocent bystander so easily, yet it happens more often than you expect.

Annually, 4.7 million people are bit by dogs with approximately 20% needing emergency medical care like stitches, hospitalization, and even plastic surgery. If the worst should happen, knowing your legal rights can help ease the financial burden while you or your loved one focuses on recovery.

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Dog Bites

Legal Responsibility in a Dog Bite Case

When a dog bite, or any animal attack occurs, an Atlanta personal injury attorney who has experienced with dog bites and animal attacks will have several questions regarding the circumstances with which the incident occurred. These questions will help your attorney understand how the attack occurred and what other supporting information that they may need from witnesses, the dog's or other animal's owner, or authorities.

Among the questions your attorney may ask are the following:

  • Was the dog on a leash or restrained when the bite occurred?
  • Was the dog within the owner's property when the bite occurred?
  • Do you know if the dog has been aggressive in the past?
  • Was the dog provoked?
  • Were you trespassing when the dog attacked?
  • Did you receive medical care?
  • Were the authorities called to the scene of the attack?

The answers to these questions will help your attorney put together a timeline of events as well as develop the argument for who is liable to pay for your medical bills, ongoing treatment and lost wages, if applicable.

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If you have experienced a dog attack in Georgia, it is important to discuss your circumstances with an Atlanta personal injury lawyer immediately. Medical bills, hospital stays, surgeries, and rehabilitation-as well as lost wages-can quickly add up, creating a burden for you and your loved ones. It is important that you feel comfortable with your attorney-both personally and professionally.

Our Atlanta premises liability lawyers pride ourselves on always putting our clients' needs first and maximizing the compensation that they are due. Be sure to ask many questions of your attorney to ensure that you feel confident in his or her experience, poise, and knowledge of handling cases like yours. For the past 40 years, Kaufman Law, P.C. has represented hundreds of individuals who have experienced a dog attack.

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