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How to Avoid Hydroplaning

Any driver who has hydroplaned on a wet road will report that it is a terrifying experience. Hydroplaning occurs when there is moisture on the road surface and a vehicle is traveling too fast for the tires to stay in contact with the road. Instead, the tires glide across the top of the water, losing traction and causing...
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Determining Fault for Rear-End Collisions in Georgia

Most drivers in Georgia and throughout the United States likely assume that fault in a rear-end collision is easy to determine: The driver who rear-ends another vehicle is almost always at fault. While this is true in the majority of rear-end collisions, determining fault in these situations isn’t always clear. Several factors may come into play that can...
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Why Are Button Battery Injuries a Growing Risk?

Button batteries are small, disc-shaped batteries suitable for many electronic devices such as watches, hearing aids, remote controls, calculators, and some games and toys. These batteries not only present a significant choking hazard for small children, but also pose a risk of toxic exposure. About 2,500 cases of accidental button battery ingestion occur in the United States each...
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New Study: Rideshare Seatbelt Usage in Georgia

Whether you’re a driver or a passenger, it’s typically common practice to buckle up in a moving vehicle. However, this convention tends to be the opposite in public transportation: riding in a taxicab or similar hired vehicle without a seatbelt seems to be the norm in some cities. We wanted to see if there was a similar mindset...
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Will I Pay Tax on My Personal Injury Settlement?

Once you come to a successful settlement agreement with the defendant or his/her attorney, you might assume the amount of the offer is what you will get to keep. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Court costs, attorney’s fees, and unpaid bills will all come out of your settlement award. Then you might face further deductions once tax...
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What Is a Letter of Protection?

A letter of protection (LOP) is an official document a plaintiff’s personal injury attorney can send to health care professionals to get the plaintiff medical care without having to pay the costs at the time of service. When an accident victim needs prompt medical care but cannot foot the bill, an attorney may send an LOP as a...
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Understanding Georgia Product Liability Laws

A product liability lawsuit serves to hold a manufacturing or distributing company legally responsible for damages defective or dangerous products cause. All companies owe high standards of care to consumers. They must make sure their products are safe for use as intended. Failure to ensure the safety of an item through careful design, testing, and adequate warning labels...
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What Is Foreseeability and Proximate Cause in an Injury Case?

To qualify for financial recovery in a personal injury case, the plaintiff must prove the defendant’s negligence. “Negligence” can refer to any action or behavior that falls outside of the defendant’s realm of duty of care to the plaintiff. Failure to act to prevent a foreseeable risk of harm is a form of negligence. The plaintiff also bears...
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How Do You Calculate Loss of Future Earnings?

“Loss of future earnings” is an economic damage that refers to the loss of the injured party’s (plaintiff’s) ability to earn income because of an injury or illness. The Georgia courts, as is the case in most states, permit plaintiffs to seek recovery for lost future earnings. If a plaintiff can prove that a reasonable value for this...
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What Is the Eggshell Skull Rule?

After suffering an injury from a negligent party, an attorney may discuss with you the “eggshell skull” rule, which states that a negligent person will be legally responsible for the harm he or she causes to an individual, even if the victims suffered exorbitant harm compared to the average person. The rule got its name from a common...
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Common Dangers Found in Children’s Toys

In 2016, emergency rooms treated approximately 240,000 cases of toy-related injuries in the United States. By law, toy manufacturing companies and distributors must take steps to ensure the products they release to consumers are safe for use by the intended age group. They have a legal obligation to design, build, and produce toys that comply with federal safety...
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Reduce the Danger of Child Injury or Death from Tip-Overs

According to recent news reports, a little girl who was shopping with her family in a Payless store in Riverdale, GA was killed when a large mirror fell on her. Such accidents involving little children and heavy furniture are too common, whether in a bedroom at home or in high-traffic areas like retail stores. Flat-panel TVs and dresser...
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Attorneys Kaufman and Price Recognized by

Attorneys C. Jeffrey Kaufman and Marvin L. Price have been named to the 2018 Super Lawyers lists for 2018. Both have also received a perfect rating of 10.0, or "Superb" on Their leadership in the area of law brings recognition to the firm, and to the legal profession in the state of Georgia. (Click on image to...
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What Are the Most Dangerous Automobile Defects?

Automobile manufacturers recall tens of millions of vehicles every year to address known defects. Most drivers operate their vehicles under the assumption they are reliably constructed and that the only hazards on the road are other drivers. This mindset does not reflect reality, however. Vehicle defects can and do exist and cause many accidents every year. The following...
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What Are Georgia Dram Shop Liability Guidelines?

When a person suffers serious or fatal injuries due to the actions of an intoxicated person, the at-fault individual isn’t the only party who may absorb liability for the damages. Georgia is one of 30 states that follow a Dram Shop Liability Law. This law states that if an intoxicated person causes injury or death to another person,...
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How to Prevent Boating Accidents

Many Americans enjoy boating for leisure and a vacation activity, but boating accidents can lead to serious injuries and even fatalities without proper safety precautions. It’s vital for boat owners and passengers to know how to prevent boating accidents. Preparation Before setting out on any journey on the water, it’s crucial for boat owners and operators to prepare...
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How to Prevent Medication Errors

Medication errors are one of the most common causes of medical malpractice claims in the United States, and both patients and medical providers must know how to prevent medication errors. Although patients can take several steps to ensure their medications are safe, it is often up to doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals to ensure medication errors do...
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What Are the Effects of Anesthesia Errors?

Anesthesia is a critical part of modern medicine that allows doctors and other medical professionals to perform surgeries and procedures that wouldn’t be possible without anesthesia. Unfortunately, one of the most common causes of medical malpractice claims in the country is anesthesia error. When doctors or anesthesiologists make mistakes with a patient’s anesthesia, these mistakes can carry disastrous...
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Why Is Proving Causation Important in Medical Malpractice Cases?

Medical malpractice claims are very similar to personal injury claims with a few key differences. One of the most apparent differences between these two types of lawsuit is the need to prove causation. In the legal world, “causation” refers to proof that a particular issue resulted from a specific action. The plaintiff must prove that the defendant’s actions...
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What Is the Importance of Gathering and Preserving Evidence?

If you are expecting a personal injury lawsuit in the near future, evidence preservation should be a top priority. In any civil action, the plaintiff, or the party filing the lawsuit, has the burden of proving the truth of his or her claim. For example, if a person files a lawsuit against another person for a car accident,...
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