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Advice Articles

Self Representation VS. Hiring An Attorney

When you get into an auto accident, endure a slip and fall, experience an on-the-job incident, or are otherwise personally injured, it can be easy to think that you can fight your case alone. Many people think that getting an attorney is too expensive and seem to believe that they won't receive a positive outcome anyways. If you...
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Best Dog Parks In Atlanta

Warmer weather in Georgia means that everyone is trying to get outside more. For some that means taking a walk on The BeltLine or finally being able to take their dog to one of Atlanta's finest dog parks. Dog parks are a great place for your dog to meet new furry friends and for you to let them...
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Do’s And Don’ts: Child + Dog Interactions

A dog can be an excellent addition to a family. They are loyal companions, fun playmates, and offer children the opportunity to learn about responsibility. Whether you decide to get a pet for your household or simply want your children to learn how to interact with other people’s dogs, it is important to teach them how to safely...
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Tips To Help Dog Owners Prevent Dog Bites

Owning a dog can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience. Along with this comes great responsibility. A dog owner can help prevent his pet from lashing out and attacking by incorporating these simple tips. While it may not work for every breed all the time, these tips can potentially keep many people safe from dangerous dog bite accidents.  ...
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The Danger of Mass Transportation Accidents

  Given the sheer size and force of a bus, it’s no surprise that they can cause a serious or, in rare cases, even fatal injury. The bus and rail systems provide an alternative method of transportation for many people on their daily commute, especially those in the Atlanta Area. About 24,000 people are injured in bus accidents...
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The Keys To Defensive Driving

Being a defensive driver is a great skill to have especially in the Atlanta area. When you drive defensively, you are more likely to avoid dangers and collisions on the road. Many people take defensive driving courses, but in reality everyone can be a defensive driver if they practice the following:   Expect the Unexpected You never know...
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Best Dash Cams To Purchase

  We've previously spoke on the benefits that dash cameras have. From the constant recording, you can have evidence of a car accident, catch thieves, and even record your road trip. If you are interested in purchasing a dash cam, but don't know where to start, we've done the research for you! Here are some of the best...
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Reasons You Should Consider Buying a Dash Cam 

  Dashboard cameras, more commonly referred to as dash cams have become more popular over the last few years. The camera was designed to be mounted on the dash of your car and it records sound and video while you are driving. These can be used for a variety of purposes. Overall, this technological advance has many benefits...
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8 Tips to Manage Money After an Injury

Being injured at work can have a huge impact on a person’s everyday life. If the injury is severe enough the person may no longer be able to work and in a worst case situation may lose there job putting them in an even direr financial situation. Even if you are fully insured the medical bills can add up quickly...
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5 Ways to Make Money After an Injury

Work injuries can cause a great deal of financial stress. Even if you have a strong case and are expecting a settlement from the injury you still have to be financially prepared because it can be months before you see anything from this settlement as the legal process can take some time. While you are waiting for the...
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Bad Driving Habits To Quit In 2019

Today’s world is all about multi-tasking, with endless technology at the tips of our fingers. What we don’t often consider, is how the desire to multi-task and maximize our efficiency can be a serious threat to our health and safety. In 2019, as we strive to keep our New Year’s’ Resolutions, we all need to add a very...
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E-Scooter Safety

Atlanta has seen a new mode of transportation in the city that offers riders an inexpensive way to get around. Very popular in Midtown, the BeltLine, and various college campuses, the e-scooter movement is taking over. Officials at Grady Hospital say they now see about 25 injuries per month from scooter accidents. Some accidents leave minor cuts and bruises,...
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Driving in Winter Weather

Sometimes when winter weather hits, we don't have a choice except to drive in it. Although it is advised not to drive in snow or ice, it is best to follow a few basic safety principles if you do have to get out in the winter conditions:   Do not use cruise control. Cruise control easily takes your...
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Tips for Driving in the Rain

In 2018, Georgia experienced nearly 70 inches of rainfall which is far more rain than the state typically averages, according to the National Weather Service. In December alone, Atlanta had 11 inches of rain. Rain is nothing new to Georgians, but it can definitely cause dangerous driving conditions. As if traffic in Atlanta is not bad enough, throw...
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UM Insurance: What It Is & Why You Need It

  You have most likely heard of UM Insurance coverage, but may not know exactly what it is.  UM Insurance stands for uninsured motorist, but may also be referred to as UIM insurance, meaning underinsured motorist. Other commonly used phrases you may hear when discussing UM Insurance is UMBI, Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury Insurance, and UMPD, Uninsured Motorist Property Damage Coverage. Below,...
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Important Georgia Birth Injury FAQ’s

Although most babies in the United States are delivered with little to no birth injuries, there are approximately 28,000 birth injuries reported every year.  If a medical professional is negligent or makes a mistake during pregnancy, labor, or delivery it could result in the serious injury or even death of a baby.  There are few injuries that can...
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Ways To Prepare Your Home For Winter Weather

Winter weather in Atlanta gives you no warning. One day it can be sunny and 75 and the next day it could be snowing. Because of that, it is important to participate in getting your home prepared for winter conditions before it actually hits. The following tips are a few basic ways you can prepare your home for...
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How to Prepare for Possible Winter Weather in Atlanta

"Snowpocalypse" January 2014: Atlanta, GA    Five years ago, Atlanta experienced a snow storm that no one was prepared for. The chaos, often referred to as the “Snowpocalypse,” was a true test for those in and around Atlanta. When the snow started falling, the interstates became jammed with cars trying to reach home. Schools released their students early...
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5 Winter Weather Safety Tips

Although it has been quite warm for this winter season in Atlanta, winter weather always inevitably strikes, and it is best to be prepared. With the possibility of wintry weather approaching Georgia in the coming weeks, it is wise to use the following basic tips to keep yourself safe while outdoors.   Layer Up It is best to...
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7 Tips to Safely Hang Christmas Lights

Thanksgiving festivities have come and gone and with that comes time to prepare for Christmas.  This means breaking out all of your holiday decorations and making your home inviting and cheerful with Christmas lights.  Lights are a holiday tradition that many families love to participate in.  Often decorating not only their Christmas tree but also their entire house...
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