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$25,000,000 Failure To Timely Diagnose And Treat A Stroke R. J. was a supervisor at Lockheed Martin, where he managed a large crew of people who respected him immensely. One Friday, he wasn't feeling well and was having a little bit of trouble swallowing.... Read More
$7,000,000 Wrongful Death, Injuries caused by Commercial Truck Mother killed and passenger daughter injured when hit head-on by a commercial truck.  Additional details confidential per terms of settlement. Read More
$5,000,000 Home Invasion Shooting And Robbery M.M. and his 7 year old son had been living with his sister, Y.M., and her 15 year old daughter in an apartment community near Lithonia, Georgia for nearly a year. The family was very... Read More
$4,000,000 Child Shot In The Head By A Stray Bullet Our client in this case was the mother of a 4 year old boy who was shot in the head by a stray bullet from the outside while he was playing in his living room.... Read More
$2,800,000 Developmental Delays From A Birth Injury B.A was a young mother who was expecting her second child with boyfriend, J.B. B.A.’s first pregnancy had been uneventful and her second pregnancy seemingly was following the same successful path. On December 30, B.A.... Read More
$2,200,000 Man Robbed And Shot While Staying In A Hotel L.R. was staying in a hotel where he was robbed and shot in the leg. The case was taken to litigate in court where the jury awarded L.R. $2.2 million. Read More
$1,974,136 Severe Spine Injuries Due To Automobile Collision One Thursday afternoon, A.F., a physical therapist and part-time office assistant to her father, was taking her friend to her home in Pine Lake, GA when her truck collided with a white HVAC van. A.F.... Read More
$1,800,000 Doctor's Negligence caused Death of Young, Pregnant Mother Negligence on part of obstetrician caused the death of a young, pregnant mother.  Additional details are confidential, per the terms of the settlement. Read More
$1,430,000 Doctor Failed To Timely Diagnose And Treat Bowel Perforation M.D. was admitted to the hospital for surgery to repair three hernias in her colon. Post-surgery, she experienced severe abdominal pain, distention, and nausea. Nurses called the treating physician, but he did not respond to... Read More
$1,350,000 Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed Under The Federal Employees Liability Act Settlement prior to trial. Wrongful death lawsuit filed under the Federal Employees Liability Act (FELA) on behalf of the Plaintiff, who was pinned between two trucks. Read More
$1,000,000 Multiple Herniated Discs After Being Rear-Ended Settlement prior to trial. Plaintiff was rear-ended by Defendant. Plaintiff suffered multiple herniated discs and had to undergo multiple surgeries. Read More
$950,000 Multiple And Chronic Injuries Resulting From A Rear-End, Multi-Vehicle Collision T.W. was traveling in her sedan in stop-and-go traffic and came to a complete stop. Meanwhile, a Freightliner truck was following behind her and did not brake his vehicle fast enough. The truck driver rear-ended... Read More
$940,000 Failure To Correctly Diagnose And Timely Treat A Heart Attack Settlement prior to trial. Plaintiff had gone to the emergency room multiple times complaining of chest pain. Doctors failed to correctly diagnose and timely treat a heart attack, resulting in the Plaintiff’s death. Read More
$900,000 Sexual Assault Due To Negligence Of Apartment Complex Settlement at mediation. Plaintiff was sexually assaulted in her bedroom. Defendant apartment complex had not put locks on the window as was previously requested by the Plaintiff. Complex had told Plaintiff that no such lock... Read More
$700,533 Spinal Fracture and Subdural Brain Hematoma from Rear-End Motor Vehicle Collision D.B. was a successful handy-man and real estate investor, who harbored natural creativity in project management and home repairs. D.B. drove a 1999 Mercury Mountainer, which he had owned for a number of years. One... Read More
$699,000 Multiple Surgeries Following Vehicle Wreck F.W. was a happy, retired teacher of 26 years who was the president of her neighborhood’s home owner’s association and enjoyed volunteering at her grandson’s school. She was very active in her community, where she... Read More
$600,000 Herniated Disc As A Result Of A Rear-End Collision J.H. worked in the operations department of a telecommunications equipment supply company near the city. He was happily married, and he and his wife led an active and healthy lifestyle together. One morning, while traveling... Read More
$600,000 Severe Shoulder And Elbow Injuries Resulting From A Rear-End Collision R.G. maintained a lucrative and satisfying career as an account manager with a major telecommunications company. She was happily married and was close to her friends and family, especially her grandson. One Friday evening, R.G.... Read More
$535,000 Loss Of Arm After Being Run Over By A Crane Settlement prior to trial. Plaintiff was run over by a crane in the driveway of a church, and lost his right arm. Read More
$505,000 Rear Ended By Tractor Trailer Settlement prior to trial. Plaintiff was rear-ended by a tractor trailer, sustaining serious neck and back injuries. Read More
$500,000 Failure To Diagnose And Properly Treat A Ruptured Appendix Settlement prior to trial. Defendant doctor failed to diagnose and timely treat a ruptured appendix, resulting in the death of the Plaintiff. Read More
$500,000 Truck Accident Causes Herniated Discs and Cervical Discectomy J.H., a former client of Kaufman Law, returned to us for a second time after being injured in a tractor trailer crash. J.H. was struck by a turning tractor trailer while stopped in traffic in... Read More
$500,000 Permanent Brain Damage Following Eardrum Surgery Settlement prior to trial. Plaintiff had surgery to reconstruct her eardrum. During the surgery, Defendant doctor severed her facial nerve. Plaintiff suffered permanent hearing loss, dizziness, nausea, and nerve damage. Read More
$400,000 Vehicle Rear-Ended By Grocery Truck While Stopped In Traffic Settlement at mediation. Plaintiff was a passenger in a vehicle that was rear-ended by a grocery truck while stopped for traffic.Plaintiff suffered a herniated disc in her neck and had to have surgery. Read More
$385,000 Client Struck In Chest By A Gas Cap Settlement at mediation. Client suffered massive internal injuries after being struck in the chest by a gas cap that exploded off a truck. Read More
$360,000 Knee Surgery As A Result Of A Rear-End Collision G.G., a former college football player, was happily married with two children. One evening, G.G. was traveling with his mother-in-law on a major highway in a company vehicle owned by his in-laws. When his mother-in-law... Read More
$350,000 Rear-Ended By Tractor Trailer On The Highway Settlement prior to trial. Plaintiff was rear-ended by a tractor trailer on the highway. Client had multiple surgeries. Read More
$344,000 Motorcycle Crash Results In Severe Respiratory Trauma D.H. was an avid runner who often loved to ride his motorcycle on weekend afternoons. One day, D.H. was traveling on his motorcycle when he was struck by another vehicle that had failed to yield... Read More
$325,000 Spinal Injuries From Slip & Fall At A Grocery Store E.H. was a retired handyman who had worked with a carpet mill company for many years. Since he was disabled, E.H. walked using a cane for support. E.H. went grocery shopping one day, and while... Read More
$300,000 Multiple Surgeries for Broken Arm and Skin Grafts Following a Dog Bite T.K., who was 13 years old at the time of the attack, was a fun-loving, happy child who enjoyed playing outside with his siblings and neighborhood friends, especially during the summer months. One day in... Read More
$300,000 Rear-Ended In A Four-Car Collision Settlement prior to trial. Plaintiff was rear-ended in a four car collision. Plaintiff sustained a serious neck injury requiring surgery. Read More
$298,516 Client T-Boned In Intersection, Resulting In Shoulder Surgery C.O. worked as a claims manager and enjoyed being active. Sometimes he even worked security on the weekends. One Thursday evening, C.O. left the house with his friends to go shopping and to get some... Read More
$296,000 Pit Bull Attack Causes Facial Scarring & Trauma Our client, a 6 year old boy, was viciously attacked by a neighbor's pit bull and sustained permanent facial scarring and psychological trauma. Our firm ultimately recovered limits of the Defendant's homeowners insurance policy, totaling... Read More
$270,000 Cervical Surgery Following A Rear-End Collision S.A. was a very successful data processing analyst with a major corporation. She was married and enjoyed an active and fulfilling lifestyle. One evening, as S.A. was driving northbound on a major highway, she came... Read More
$255,000 Severe Injuries From Rear-End Collision On a Friday, R.G. and his wife took a morning drive. While waiting at a red light, R.G. and his wife were rear-ended by a commercial truck that had failed to stop in time. Police... Read More
$250,000 Client Suffers Severe Spinal Injuries After Being Rear-Ended D.M. was a disabled war veteran who had recently served in the army in 2003. He lived with his wife and three children. On a Wednesday evening, D.M. was rear-ended by another vehicle. The other... Read More
$225,000 Car Accident Causes Knee and Elbow Surgery and Herniated Discs Our client E.V., a customer service representative and single mother, was dropping off her son at daycare on a rainy morning when she was involved in an auto collision. E.V. was stopped at an intersection... Read More
$225,000 Fractured Neck Injuries After Workplace Fall Client suffered a fractured neck when a steel door frame fell on his head. Read More
$220,000 Serious Back Injuries While Moving A Heavy Bag Client suffered a serious back injury that required surgery while moving a large, heavy bag of golf balls. Read More
$215,000 Commercial Truck Collision Our client E.W. lived with his life and sister in the Atlanta suburbs, where he worked as an aquatic facility technician. One morning at approximately 6:00 am, E.W. was traveling to work when he was... Read More
$205,000 Massive Facial Fractures After Driver Collides With Pickup Truck Settled prior to trial. Plaintiff was a passenger in a vehicle whose driver blacked out and ran a stop sign, colliding with a pickup truck. Plaintiff suffered massive facial fractures. Read More
$185,000 Herniated Discs, Headaches, And Neuropathy After Parkway Collision M.A., a mother of two, enjoyed cooking for her family, using the computer, and exercising. One Thursday afternoon, M.A. was traveling eastbound on a major road when a limousine pulled out from a parking lot... Read More
$150,000 Cyclist Struck By Motor Vehicle, Resulting In Shoulder Injuries Our client was on a bike when he was struck by a motor vehicle and needed shoulder surgery. Read More
$150,000 Slip & Fall At Walmart Resulting In Rotator Cuff Injuries Settlement at mediation. Plaintiff slipped and fell at Walmart on grapes that were on the floor. Plaintiff needed surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff. Read More
$150,000 Cyclist Suffers Shoulder Injuries After Colliding With Vehicle Our client J.G. was the director of a tech company and an avid competitive cyclist. He enjoyed aviation, yoga, and other fitness activities such as swimming. One Sunday afternoon around 6 pm, he was riding... Read More
$145,000 Shoulder Surgery Following Rear-End Collision On I-85 One Tuesday afternoon, R.T. was traveling down I-85 south near the Buford Highway Exit. As traffic came to a stop, R.T. was rear-ended by a truck, pushing his vehicle into the car in front of... Read More
$125,000 Slip & Fall At Grocery Store, Resulting In Ankle Injury Around 6 am on a Saturday morning, B.B. went to the grocery store to pick up some orange juice and a few empty cardboard boxes for use in moving to her new home. When B.B.... Read More
$115,000 Client Burned By Hot Skillet At Restaurant R.E., a special education teacher in Atlanta, Georgia, enjoyed watching Atlanta Falcons games and going out to lunch with her family. One summer afternoon, she and her family decided to eat lunch at a mexican... Read More
$100,000 Cervical Vertebra Fracture & Knee Replacement Following T-Bone Collision On a Monday morning in downtown Atlanta, J.R., an administrative assistant, was on her way to work when she was hit by another vehicle. J.R. was passing through a flashing light when another vehicle t-boned... Read More
$98,000 Fractured Pelvis And Foot Injury While Working Client was crushed by a box of stones while constructing a wall. He suffered a fractured pelvis and permanent damage to his left foot. Read More
$80,000 Ankle Surgery Required After Falling In A Railroad Car Client injured his left ankle on a railroad car and required surgery. Read More
$75,000 Slip & Fall At Kroger Leads To Back Surgeries Settlement at mediation. Plaintiff slipped and fell at Kroger in a puddle of water. Plaintiff injured his back, requiring surgery. Read More