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Car Accident Causes Knee and Elbow Surgery and Herniated Discs

Our client E.V., a customer service representative and single mother, was dropping off her son at daycare on a rainy morning when she was involved in an auto collision. E.V. was stopped at an intersection and was rear-ended by another vehicle. The other driver was driving too fast for the rainy conditions and failed to stop in time. E.V. complained of severe nausea, blurry vision, and pain throughout her neck, back, and chest immediately following the crash. She was transported to the emergency room. Her vehicle, which had caught fire, was totaled.

E.V. retained Kaufman Law shortly after the collision. She had returned to the hospital with continued soreness and headaches. E.V. continued her treatment with an orthopedic doctor, and was diagnosed with herniated discs, knee pain and migraines.

Over the next few months, E.V. underwent physical therapy and received several injections to relieve her neck and back pain. She continued to have difficulty with daily activities such as climbing stairs, driving, housework, and meal preparation. Several months of this physical therapy seemed to help E.V.’s pain, but she still felt considerable knee and back pain. E.V. underwent knee and elbow surgery six months following the collision. E.V. also continued with knee, neck, and back injections for the next year.

This wreck had a significant impact on E.V.’s life. She had to use all of her vacation days for treatment and surgery, and had to cut back her hours, affecting her income. E.V. had difficulties caring for her six-year-old disabled child, and had to hire help to take care of him. She was also afraid of driving in the rain or at night because of the crash.

Our firm worked diligently to get a significant settlement from the defendant’s insurance company to assist E.V. with her growing medical bills and decreased income earning potential. Two years following the wreck, our litigation team was able to settle the case for a final amount of $225,000.00. With this settlement, E.V. was able to pay off her medical bills, take care of her son, and focus on her recovery.