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Cyclist Suffers Shoulder Injuries After Colliding With Vehicle

Our client J.G. was the director of a tech company and an avid competitive cyclist. He enjoyed aviation, yoga, and other fitness activities such as swimming. One Sunday afternoon around 6 pm, he was riding his bicycle down a neighborhood road when a vehicle turned into his path of travel. J.G. collided with the front bumper of the car and was thrown off of his bicycle, hitting the other driver’s vehicle before hitting his head on the pavement. The other driver admitted fault and was cited for a Failure To Yield when making a left turn. He said that he hadn’t seen J.G. due to the sun being in his eyes. J.G.’s bicycle was totaled.

J.G. immediately complained of head and joint pain, and felt nauseous. He was rushed to the ER from the scene by ambulance. At the hospital, several CT scans were taken to determine the cause of his pain. J.G. was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease at C3-4C, 5-6, and L4-5 and swelling of his knee. He was given pain medication and instructed to follow up with his primary care physician.

The next day, J.G. visited an orthopedic physician for his left knee and shoulder pain. An MRI was ordered for his knee. Although no knee injuries were found, the physician was concerned about the possibility of a rotator cuff tear and noted that J.G. may need shoulder surgery in the future. J.G. was advised to begin physical therapy for pain relief.

J.G.’s pain continued despite the physical therapy. He returned to the orthopedic physician, who administered a cortisone injection. One week later, J.G. returned complaining of continued shoulder pain. Following a shoulder MRI, J.G. was diagnosed with a left shoulder rotator cuff tear. Because of the lack of success of conservative treatment, the orthopedic physician believed that a left shoulder arthroscopic subacromial decompression was warranted. Two weeks later, J.G. underwent this procedure. He also continued to attend physical therapy for several months following his surgery.

Luckily, J.G. retained Kaufman Law almost immediately after the incident. By the end of his treatment, J.G.’s medical bills were in the ten-thousands. He experienced difficulties with routine tasks such as driving, washing his hair, or reaching for objects. He also experienced anxiety while driving. With the help of our team, J.G. was settled prior to trial for $150,000. J.G. was happy about the outcome of his case and looked forward to living the rest of his life pain-free.