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Herniated Discs, Headaches, And Neuropathy After Parkway Collision

M.A., a mother of two, enjoyed cooking for her family, using the computer, and exercising. One Thursday afternoon, M.A. was traveling eastbound on a major road when a limousine pulled out from a parking lot and struck the driver’s side of her vehicle. Police were called to the scene and found the other driver to be at-fault. Although M.A. felt considerable pain in her neck, back, legs, and wrist, no ambulance was called to the scene. Instead, M.A. chose to visit a pain treatment center several hours after the accident.

The same day as her accident, M.A. chose to contact Kaufman Law to assist her with this case. At the treatment center, M.A. was diagnosed with lumbar radiculopathy, cervalgia, and forearm pain. She was referred for cervical and lumbar MRIs as well as an x-ray of her left hand to further investigate the source of this pain. She was also prescribed pain medication and advised to return in one week. Our firm was there with her every step of the way to ensure she received the highest quality of medical care.

M.A. also sought treatment for her headaches. Two months following the collision, she visited a neurodiagnostic center. The doctor noted a mild Tenel’s sign at the ulnar nerve in her elbow and some tightness around her neck and back. The doctor recommended M.A. receive a brain MRI to identify any additional factors that may be contributing to her headaches. M.A. was later diagnosed with post-traumatic migraines, suboccipital, cervical, and shoulder myofascial syndrome, left arm parasthesia, and left ulnar neuropathy among other injuries.

M.A. continued to receive lumbar injections for the next few months for pain relief, and began physical therapy. She also had an EMG/nerve conduction study done for the tingling in her hand and fingers, which indicated sensory neuropathy and carpal tunnel syndrome. When conservative treatment seemed to fail, M.A.’s pain physician who had administered the injections referred her to a spine surgeon for additional treatment.

Over one year following the accident, M.A. visited the spine surgeon. M.A. was diagnosed with a C6-7 herniated disc and told she may need an anterior disc fusion with additional plating. M.A. also was unable to make a full fist with her dominant hand. She continued to treat with her physicians throughout the case.

In addition to her injuries, M.A. could not participate in her usual hobbies due to the constant pain–she complained of pain while driving, cooking, using the computer for long periods of time, as well as general household chores. M.A. had planned to go back to school to further her career, however, the pain she suffered had put those plans on hold.

The Kaufman Law team worked together for two years to negotiate the highest settlement possible for M.A. After several offers, we were able to settle her case for a total of $185,000. With this settlement, M.A. overjoyed to be able to pay all of her medical fees and restore her damaged vehicle. She was also able to spend more time with her family and to go back to school for her master’s degree.