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Home Invasion Shooting And Robbery

M.M. and his 7 year old son had been living with his sister, Y.M., and her 15 year old daughter in an apartment community near Lithonia, Georgia for nearly a year. The family was very close and supported each other’s daily activities.

Because of some recent robberies that had occurred, a neighboring apartment complex (referenced to in this summary as “Complex A”) requested to use the clubhouse of Y.M.’s apartment community (referenced to in this summary as “Complex B”) for a neighborhood watch meeting. Letters were sent out to the residents of both complexes to notify them all of the meeting.

Y.M. and her 15 year old daughter attended the meeting, but M.M. was out of town and was thus unable to attend. Officials present at the meeting were Complex B’s manager, county police representatives, a neighborhood watch coordinator, and a county police detective. During the meeting, several recent home break-ins were discussed, and numerous attendees agreed that the robbery perpetrators were using a certain path to travel between Complex A and Complex B.

Y.M. asked for a police car to monitor the pathway of the perpetrators in order to catch them, but the county police stated that they did not possess the manpower for sitting and watching Y.M.’s building. Instead, a county police representative advised the meeting attendees to compose a petition for a neighborhood watch program that needed to contain at least 75 supporting signatures.

On a Monday after he returned home from traveling out of town, M.M. was at home watching TV while Y.M. was out returning a rental car. Suddenly, two males entered the apartment by breaking the rear kitchen window. The invaders took several expensive electronic items, shot M.M. four times, and ran out the back door. M.M. was left lying on the floor of the kitchen, bleeding from wounds in his left ear, left eye, right leg, and left arm.

M.M. was rushed to the hospital. His sister was called by Complex B’s manager and was told that her brother had been injured in a break-in at her apartment. A county detective also called her and instructed her to come home immediately. Y.M. went to the hospital to be with her brother after speaking with county police officials at her home, and that evening, she signed a statement to break her lease at Complex B.

M.M.’s story was featured on the local news that evening, with an interview by Y.M. about the incident and her brother’s medical status.

The next day, Complex B’s manager called Y.M. and stated that because of her news interview, he had to hire a security guard, and the county police had to increase their police patrol. He also claimed that she might as well stay at Complex B now that security had been increased.

After five days, M.M.’s vitals were stable. He underwent rod placement surgery, from pelvis to knee, for his right leg, as well as brain surgery to remove a blood clot and pressure on his brain because of the gunshot wound near his left ear and left eye.

Two months later, M.M. attended physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy, where he triumphed through his rehabilitation by learning to walk again and improved his speech. While M.M. unfortunately developed a pervasive seizure disorder during treatment, his medical team was able to arrange further rehabilitation plans and options for him to live comfortably and continue to improve his health.

M.M. came to us for help. After almost 4 ½ years of hard fought litigation, we were thrilled and honored to be able to assist M.M. in obtaining a $5,000,000.00 settlement for his injuries. He was able to cover all of his extensive medical expenses and provide a comfortable future for himself with help from his sister, who loves him very much and continues to care for him.