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Motorcycle Crash Results In Severe Respiratory Trauma

D.H. was an avid runner who often loved to ride his motorcycle on weekend afternoons. One day, D.H. was traveling on his motorcycle when he was struck by another vehicle that had failed to yield while making a left turn. The driver, who was attempting to cross the intersection in front of D.H., was cited at the scene for failure to yield while turning left. The paramedics were called and D.H. was transported to the Emergency Room. Mr. D.H. complained of severe pain in his back, hip, knee, and chest. He also had scrapes on his right and left forearms and right hand. He was diagnosed with a pelvic fracture, back pain, and an intracebral hemorrhage. D.H. remained in the hospital for one month. D.H. underwent diagnostic tests which showed a left cerebellar intraparaenchymal hemmorrhage, and several fractures in his ribs, thoracic spine, and shoulder. Advanced Trauma Life Support was performed to stabilize D.H. before he would receive additional treatment. D.H. received a tracheostomy due to a decline in his respiratory function, and was carefully monitored for the next few days to see if any additional procedures were necessary. The doctor decided to perform a right thoracotomy, T10-11 vertebrectomies, T0-12 instrumentation, and other major surgeries. He remained on a ventilator throughout his physical therapy following these procedures.

Several weeks following these procedures, one of D.H.’s physicians performed a bronchoscopy to diagnose the cause of his upper airway noise. D.H. was found to be stable and prepared for rehab. He was discharged shortly thereafter to a rehabilitation hospital. At the hospital, it was found that D.H,’s tracheostomy tube had dislodged, and he was sent to another hospital for further investigation. The tube was eventually removed per the physician’s examination of D.H.’s respiratory status. D.H. continued rehabilitation for another two weeks. Three months after the date of his crash, he began treatment at a physical therapist and then at an orthopedic sports medicine facility for his shoulder pain. He was diagnosed with a shoulder fracture and recommended to continue physical therapy, although he would be needing additional treatment if his pain did not subside.

Almost a year following D.H.’s motorcycle crash, Kaufman Law was able to settle D.H.’s case for all limits of available insurance, totaling $344,000. D.H’s life was permanently and irrevocably altered by this horrific crash. He and his wife can no longer live the active life they had beforehand. Unfortunately, the value of this case was limited by the amount of available insurance, which is why we constantly stress to the public to obtain as much UM (uninsured motorist) and medpay (Medical payments) coverage as you can afford. You cannot rely on others to protect you–you must protect yourself.