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Multiple Surgeries for Broken Arm and Skin Grafts Following a Dog Bite

T.K., who was 13 years old at the time of the attack, was a fun-loving, happy child who enjoyed playing outside with his siblings and neighborhood friends, especially during the summer months.

One day in early July, as T.K. was walking home from a local Dollar General store close to his neighborhood, a neighbor’s Pitbull dog charged towards him and attacked him without warning, biting T.K.’s right forearm and right wrist. Nearby at the Dollar General store T.K. had just left, a construction worker heard T.K.’s screams and ran over to his aide, armed with a shovel. The construction worker beat the dog off of T.K. with his shovel, but the dog came right back and lunged again at T.K., this time biting his right knee and right thigh. The construction worker again beat the Pitbull dog with his shovel and told T.K. to run home, quickly. The Pitbull turned his attention to the construction worker, where the construction worker finally beat the dog away with his shovel.

T.K. ran home, screaming the whole way. Several of his neighbors heard T.K.’s screams and ran outside to help T.K. get home the rest of the way. Upon seeing her severely injured son at their door, T.K.’s mother called an ambulance and had T.K. rushed to Egleston Children’s Hospital. While at the hospital being treated, the Pitbull dog was seized by Clayton County Animal Control, placed into quarantine, and was euthanized several days later.

T.K.’s recovery from the Pitbull attack was a long and difficult one. The Pitbull had not only torn flesh in several places from T.K.’s right arm and right leg, but the dog’s jaws had broken T.K.’s right forearm. T.K. had to undergo multiple surgeries, including several skin graft surgeries to adequately heal and cover the portions of his right arm that the dog had torn his flesh from.

T.K. struggled adapting to life with minimal usage of his dominant hand. He was unable to write at the start of the school year, bathe himself, or get dressed without the help of his mother. As his right arm was still healing, T.K. had to constantly be conscious of his movements and usage, so as to not further injure his right arm.

Prior to the attack, T.K. was an active member of his school swim team, competing in every swim match possible. Due to his injuries, T.K. was not able to swim competitively the next season.

About a month after the attack occurred, T.K.’s mother hired our legal team to take care of her son’s severe injury case. The owner of the Pitbull dog was issued multiple citations for the negligence he had caused, and we pursued the negligent owner to recover for T.K.’s damages. After a battle with the insurance company, who had the nerve to first deny T.K.’s claim altogether, Kaufman Law was able to recover the entire policy limits of $300,000 in his case.

Today, T.K. still works to regain full use of his right arm, yet it gets easier for him every day. He continues to increase his strength and gain his confidence back. T.K. looks forward to being able to return to the hobbies he enjoyed, especially swimming, where he looks forward to being to swim competitively once again.