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Truck Accident Causes Herniated Discs and Cervical Discectomy

J.H., a former client of Kaufman Law, returned to us for a second time after being injured in a tractor trailer crash. J.H. was struck by a turning tractor trailer while stopped in traffic in downtown Atlanta. The truck driver, who made an improper left turn, was cited for a Failure to Yield while turning left.

J.H. did not go to the ER right away. Two days following the collision, he went to his primary care doctor for lower back pain. He was referred to an orthopedic doctor, who prescribed physical therapy and pain medication. An MRI showed herniated discs in his neck. J.H. underwent several epidural injections, which failed to improve his pain. J.H. visited an orthopedic surgeon, who concurred that J.H. would either need chronic pain management or surgery.

Nine months following the collision, J.H. underwent a cervical discectomy. He was unable to return to work and was prescribed physician therapy and a home exercise program. J.H. found temporary relief in the physical therapy treatments, however, his orthopedic physician advised him that he would most likely experience pain for the foreseeable future.

In addition to his neck and back injuries, J.H. also suffered from panic attacks and anxiety following the crash. His nightmares and fear of driving caused additional stress in his personal life. J.H. reported that he would have frequent nightmares of being stuck under a tractor trailer, and the financial stress of being terminated from his employer for being unable to meet the physical requirements also contributed to his anxiety.

To assist J.H. in returning to a normal life, Kaufman Law took this case to litigation. Our firm obtained a $500,000.00 settlement to assist J.H. in becoming whole again following the traumatic truck wreck. With this settlement, J.H. was able to pay for his medical expenses and spend more time with his family as he recovered from his injuries.