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September Is Responsible Dog Ownership Month

For many people, owning a dog is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Dogs are family members, treasured friends, and beloved companions. It is important to remember, however, that dog ownership comes with significant responsibility. One such responsibility is to do everything you can as a dog owner to prevent a dog bite attack from occurring.

6 Tips for Being Responsible Dog Owners

This September, the American Kennel Club (AKC) celebrates Responsible Dog Ownership Days. As part of this celebration, the AKC provides dog owners with important tips for properly training their animals. Training your dog can go a long way towards preventing dog bites from happening. The following are six valuable tips:

  1. Teach your dog basic commands. These commands may include sit, stay, come, and down. By doing so, you can help prevent dog bites because the animal will learn to obey your command.
  2. Socialize your dog. This is one of the most important aspects of responsible dog ownership when it comes to preventing dog bites. By exposing your pet to different people and settings on a regular basis, you make it less likely that the dog will experience fear or anxiety when facing unfamiliar situations. It is fear and anxiety that often provoke an attack.
  3. Consider taking your dog to obedience classes. These classes are valuable because they provide you with valuable information as a dog owner that can help keep your dog under your control. When your dog is under your control, attacks can be prevented.
  4. Show your dog love and praise. Dogs love their owners and aim to please. When a dog is praised for obeying commands and showing good behavior, the dog is motivated to continue doing so. Positive reinforcement is an excellent way to raise a dog that is less likely to attack.
  5. Never let your dog play with children without an adult present. Even the most well-adjusted dog can sometimes be dangerous to children.
  6. Keep your dog occupied by giving him responsibility. For example, you may consider teaching your dog to fetch the newspaper or carry a bag of groceries. Giving the dog a sense of purpose and accomplishment increases his sense of well-being.

To learn more about dog bite attacks, we encourage you to contact us today for guidance at 470-819-2273.